2023 Torch Award Application (submit your program here)

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Before you begin this application please review the 2023 Torch Awards Program Guidelines, available on the FJMC Torch Award website. We suggest you save a draft often while you are completing the form. We don't want you to lose your hard work. You may print out a copy of the application at any time. If you have difficulty, please contact the Torch Award Chairmen for assistance at the email address referred to in the Guidelines. Please follow these guidelines,

  • Clubs participating must be in good standing as of March 31, 2023. (Club dues paid in full and Membership list received by FJMC).
  • Programs to be considered for an award must have taken place between April 15, 2021 and April 20, 2023
  • Entries must be submitted by April 27, 2023. In order to preclude a late rush of submittals, additional credits will be given for entries submitted by March 15, 2023.

Before you begin this application please print out and read the 2023 Torch Awards Program Guidelines. Pay particular attention to Section E. Judging and the Criteria therein. The Criteria will be used by the Judges in scoring your application.

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