Body and Spirit: Men Staying Healthy and Fit


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Edited by Dr. Robert Braitman

The second book in the Hearing Men's Voices series discusses health issues that concern men and provides tips on how to live healthier and happier lives. Some of the suggested ideas are program-length and others entail only a 15-minute discussion, which would be ideal for insertion in a Men's Club business meeting.

  1. Monthly series on men's health issues. This could be held in the synagogue or in various homes. Every month the series would feature a different men's health issue with a different expert to lead discussion.
  2. Health Fair. This can go in many different directions. Some clubs run them with everything free (including food); others have fees involved. Some have commercial booths; others don't. Some also have individual speakers as part of the Health Fair, and some also involve safety aspects in the Fair. Some of the booths you might consider: cholesterol screenings (local Department of Health); vision and hearing screenings (Lions Club); and blood pressure testing and blood donation (American Red Cross).
  3. 5 or 10 kilometer run/walk/bicycle race. You could make this a leisurely recreational activity for adults only, or you could make it an elaborate synagogue-wide event that doubles as a fund-raiser.

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