Building a Successful Volunteer Culture - Finding Meaning in Service in the Jewish Community

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Rabbi Charles Simon

Cultivating successful volunteers in the twenty-first century is increasingly more challenging. Budgets are tight, hands are few, and competition for a person's discretionary time is severe. How do you develop and maintain the volunteers who are essential to the vitality of your organization and community? What can you do to avoid volunteer burnout?

Rabbi Charles Simon draws on over thirty years of professional experience to provide you with the resources you need to build and retain a thriving volunteer culture for your organization - regardless of size or complexity. In a straightforward, accessible style, Simon provides you with:

  • Methods of analyzing your organzation's needs
  • Innovative ways for creating an environment that strengthens volunteer involvement and satisfaction while increasing your organization's effectiveness
  • Plans for developing or modifying your leadership framework, position and styles
  • The groundwork for creating a language of inclusion that will motivate and inspire your volunteers
  • Practical tips for establishing healthy, meaningful interpersonal relationships with and among your volunteers

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