Convention 2015 Programming Highlights

Tuesday, July 7

Join us at the world famous Miami Auto Museum At the Dezer Collection.
You will see the the largest and most eclectic, privately owned transportation museum in the world including the Hollywood Cars of the Stars exhibit. This holds the largest James Bond collection in the world to include cars, planes, helicopters and much more from all the James Bond movies. In the Hollywood Cars of the Stars we also have the Gotham Gallery filled with Batmobiles and many of the Dark Knight’s different mods of transportation, plus some of the most famous cars from movies and TV shows like The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard, The A Team, Grease, Back to the Future, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Fast and the Furious and hundreds more.
Registration fee includes transportation, dinner, and refreshments
Wednesday, July 8  
  Golf Tournament   (optional)

8:00 AM - 12:30 PM including contintal breakfast and box lunch

Wealth Management Workshop (separate registration fee, limited space for signing up at the door)

  • An overview of the current and potential future economic environment
  • Finance across the generations
  • Investment tools from the professionals
  • Insurance as a framework for broader financial decisions
  • Israel as world's leading innovator and your opportunities
  • Private discussions with our wealth specialists (time permitting)
  • Sponsored by Retirement Corporation of America and Merrill Lynch 
  • More info ...
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Registration Opens @ 10:30 am

New Member Orientation & Board of Directors Meeting @ 1:00pm


Regional Caucuses @2:00pm

Welcoming Ceremonies @ 3:00 pm

Women's Welcome and Tea @ 4:00 pm


Kick-Off Evening

Ma'asim Tovim Awards

9:30 PM

Confronting Aging Institutions - Entrepreneurship to the Rescue
Keynote speakers:  
Dr. Hal M Lewis, President & CEO Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership
Jon Medved, CEO Our Crowd
Lenny Roth, Moderator.  
SVP, UBS Financial Services, Member, Israeli Consulate’s Speakers Bureau.

  Kareoke! Singing!
Thursday, July 9  
  Morning Exercise
  Power Breakfasts - Regional & Club Training

Enhancing Yom HaShoah Engagement

Presenter:  Menachem Rosensaft, General Counsel of the World Jewish Congress

Holocaust Remembrance “Transferred Memory: A Legacy for Empowerment"


Women's Tours, Lectures & Workshops 
 Ziff Museum, Holocaust Museum
 History of Music Therapy, Mindful Jewish Exploration Course, Moving Through the Tree of Life


Clubs Fundraising, Programs & Awards Afternoon

Hearing Men's Voices

Minyan of Comfort Practicum, Cantor Steven Stoehrs & Aaron Altman


Quality Club Awards

Torch Awards


Installation Evening

Presentation of the FJMC Lifetime Achievement Award
to Burt "Captain Ruach" Fischman

  International Officers & President Installation
Friday, July 10  
  Morning Exercise
  Power Breakfasts - Regional & Club Training
  New Programs Morning

Women's Tour & Lectures
Perez Art Museum & Art Deco District
 Role of Women and Changes in Jewish Life (10-12 AM)
 Women and the Wall (4-5 PM)

Friday Lunch Guess Who's Coming to Shabbas® with Debbie Albert, Program Creator

New FJMC Programs: Shalom Learning - Hebrew Literacy

New FJMC Programs: Shabbat at Home


Program Fair Afternoon

Program Fair & Torch Award Videos

  Kabbalat Shabbat
  Kiddish Club
Saturday, July 11  


Experience Shabbat - Many Service Options

  Geffen Institute Afternoon - Learning
Leading a Minyan of Comfort (Registration required), Rabbi K'vod Wieder
  Free time and dining


Presenting A Cantorial Musical Extravaganza

  Dessert Reception
Sunday, July 12  

Presenter:  Eric Fingerhut, Executive DIrector - Hillel International

Being Jewish on the College Campus

  Israel Advocacy