Israel at the United Nations

[Editor's Note:  While this report was submitted too many countries from around the world were heaping criticism and condemnation over Israeli's action and the Gaza situation, the United Nations is also envolved in other areas of global concern.  This report highlights one major issue where out representative was at a presentation by the Jewish National Fund.]

THE VIEW AT THE UNITED NATIONS JUNE 19, 2014                        

         The Jewish National Fund was the presenter at a session dealing with a very serious problem. A problem that most of the world is facing, the problem of clean water.

         The panel consisted of: Sharon Megdal Director of Water Research Institute of the University of Arizona, Clive Lipchin Director of the Center for Transboundary Water Management at the Arva Institute in Israel, and Seth Siegel, a writer and businessman who is very concerned about many humanitarian interests.

         Today there are over 3 billion people who do not have adequate clean water for drinking and basic sanitation. Israel is the leading nation in the technology for solving the serious problems of water shortages. A great example of how Israel is improving the world is Israel's drip irrigation. This simple technique is used today in many countries and it is a major technology to conserve water resources. Israel also uses desalination plants and recycling of wastewater to increase its water supply and has shared this technology.

         The Middle East is an area that lacks amble supplies of clean water for drinking and water for agriculture. The technology that Israel has developed has made Israel into a land of milk and honey. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas in Gaza have not cooperated with Israel and many of their areas do not have adequate water for human needs and agriculture. In fact their water needs are supplied by Israel. Many Arab nations, because for political reasons, have not asked for help from Israel. 

         At the conference a gentleman from Ghana spoke about his visit to Israel where he enjoyed the wonderful Jaffa oranges. He was critical of his government and the Arab nations that have not adopted the Israeli model when it comes to water solutions. Seth Siegel’s article in The New York Times, Feb. 16, 2014 called “Israeli Water, Mideast Peace?” is a must read to understand the importance of water resources for future peace in the Mideast.

         FJMC now has an additional UN Representative, Dan Granek. Together we will represent the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs at the United Nations. Dan is also a Vice President of the FJMC's New York Metropolitan Region, and recently co-chaired the very successful Region Dinner in April. This gala event brought together all the Conservative Synagogues Men's Clubs throughout the New York City and Long Island areas.

                Don M. Horowitz and Dan Granek (Alternate UN NGO (Non-Govermental Organization) for the FJMC