Spanish & French Selections of Understanding the Haftorot

This stimulating and unusual book Rabbi Charles Simon, Executive Director of the FJMC, provided the reader with the context to understand how the haftarot were organized, why they might have been selected and suggests reasons for finding meaning and value.  But until now, it has only been available in English.  The response to the book in the Conservative / Masorti movement was so positive, that the movement wanted to provide this valuable tool to congregations around the world.  Now it is, and it is available for download.

Spanish Version (for electronic tablet or phone)

Spanish Version (for printing)

French Version (for electronic tablet or phone)

French Version (for printing)


A small number of hard copies are available through the FJMC Office.  For further information about obtaining such printed copies, call FJMC at 

USA Tel: 212-749-8100 | Tel: 289-800-0876 (from Canada)