Convention 2021 Installment Payment Plan FAQ

Q – What is this Convention installment payment program about?

   –  Simple, the Convention installment payment program allows you to manage your cash flow by paying for Convention $100/month starting March 2020.

Q – Give me an example.

  A – Let’s say you begin $100 payments in March 2020 by the time you get to Dec 2020, $1000 of your Convention registration would have been paid off.

Q – What if based on this example, I decide that I can’t go to Convention, what happens to my money

  A – Let us know by December 2020 to get a full refund.  Cancellations after Dec 2020 will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee to cover credit card processing charges incurred by FJMC.

– Who qualifies for the installment payment program? 

  A  Any  FJMC member in good standing.

Q – I was going to bring my spouse, is my monthly installment payment still $100.

  A – No, because two people are being signed up, the rate goes up to $180/month based on the total amount due.

Q – My region and club always give Convention subsidies.  Do I lose them with pre-payment.

  A – Good question.  No, your subsidies are intact and will be given once the subsidy levels are known. We’ll be working with your regional focals to get your credit(s).

Q – What costs does the installment payment program cover?

  A – Only one person at the $1495 full Convention rate covering 4 nights June 30 – July 5th. 

Q – What if I bring my spouse?

  A – As mentioned before the higher rate of $180 for the full convention

Q – Is there an expiration date of when I can take advantage of the installment payment program?

  A – Yes, this installment offer ends September 1, 2020.  After that registrations will be made and paid for as we’ve done in the past.  Payment when you register.

Q- I’m confused.  What’s the difference between installment payment program and registration.

  A – The installment payment program is only a payment plan offer. It let’s you payoff Convention costs at the $100/month rate.  Helps cash flow.  Registration is the actual sign-up for Convention including 1) type of room 2) days attending 3) pre and post Convention costs etc.

Q – What happens to my installment payment credits when I register?

  A – Your credits will automatically be credited as your register plus you still qualify for the $100/month installment offer.

Q – When will the registration process be ready?

  A – Convention on-line registrations will begin in the Summer 2020.  The pre-registration installment plan March 2020.  More information will be available over the next several months on the process through email blasts, regional focals and your clubs.

Q – Why should I take advantage of installment payment program now?

  A – For those going to Convention it gives you the most time to payoff Convention costs. It will automatically and easily roll over to the registration process.  All with the security of knowing your money will be refunded.