FJMC Tallit


FJMC Tallit -

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Specially designed and crafted by world-renowned weaver Gabrieli of Israel. Each tallit is wool or silk and individually hand-woven.

The tallit includes a Tallit bag onto which the ''FJMC'' logo may be woven in your regional color. There is room for a short phrase in Hebrew or English on each.*

The tallit is a wonderful way to celebrate your involvement in the FJMC.

  • Customers will pay Gabrieli directly.
  • Gabrieli will weave the Tallit to order 
  • Gabrieli will embroider the Atarah to customer specifications and attach it to the Tallit. 
  • The completed Tallit will be shipped directly to the Customer. 
  • The FJMC is not capable of or responsible for inspecting the Tallit to see if it matches our original design specifications.

To order -

Questions - contact Tom Sudow

The pricing depends on details of the order.  Do not order below.


Price: $500.00
Dimensions: 80 in × 60 in × 1 in


You'll want to display your

You'll want to display both your FJMC pride and region colors at religious services, whether they be morning minyan, Shabbat or Yom Tovim!