Outreach Organizations and Programs

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This list is intended to be a sample of organizations/programs that might be of assistance to you.  Their presence on this list does not serve as an endorsement but should help you search for support of your own inclusion initiatives in areas we describe in our Inclusion Resource Guidebook
Category Organization Info Contact Title Phone Email Web Site
promote full inclusion Anti-Defamation League -- ADL  As a leader in the field of anti-bias education, ADL provides current, relevant curricula and customizable, interactive training programs that incorporate the latest research.  A Classroom of Difference.  A World of Difference Tema Smith        
serve hearing impaired B'nai Jeshurun Congregation in CLE example of synagogue that uses Hearing Loops and Assistive Devices.          
promote awareness of diversity of Jewish people around the world Be'chol Lashon Global Jews strengthens Jewish identity by raising awareness about the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of Jewish people and experience around the globe. Supports Uganda Jewish community. Diane/Gary Tobin Founders     globaljews.org
find supportive materials Blue Dove Foundation Transforming the way the Jewish Community understands mental health and substance abuse     (404) 490-2391 info@thebluedovefoundation.org https://thebluedovefoundation.org/
serve hearing impaired Central Synagogue in NYC example of synagogue that uses Hearing Loops and Assistive Devices.          
promote full inclusion Equity and Expectations Although our specialization is helping clients implement antiracist initiatives, programs, and policies, our team has a deep understanding of other diversity dimensions, social group identity development, intersectionality, privilege, bias, and systemic oppressions. Ultimately, Equity & Expectations equips clients with practical strategies they can influence real change in the world. melissa patrick  Pres 781-591-9130 info@equityandexpectations.com equityandexpectations.com
find supportive materials Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs See website for inclusive materials Alan Budman 1st VP      
observe Jewish Disabilities Awareness Acceptance and Inclusion Month JCCA of North America sponsors Jewish Disability Awarenes, Acceptance, and Inclusion Month (JDAAIM)     212-532-4949  jccassociation@jcca.org https://JCCA.org
observe Jewish Disabilities Awareness Acceptance and Inclusion Month JDAAIM – Inclusion Innovation, LLC – helping to observe Jewish Disabilities Awareness Acceptance and Inclusion Month Shelly     shelly@inclusioninnovation.com  
observe Jewish Disabilities Awareness Acceptance and Inclusion Month JDAAIM support   Marlee Matlin       https://www.kveller.com/jewish-mom-marlee-matlin-makes-deaf-history-again/
observe Jewish Disability Advocacy Day Jewish Disability Advocacy Day          jdad@jewishfederations.org JDAD 2022 - Advocacy Day (Session 1) - Zoom
identify diversity training workshops Jewish Educator Assembly Has Diversity Training Workshops Dr. Edward Edelstein Exec. Dir 516-569-2537 jewisheducators@aol.com https://jewisheducators.org
serve Jews of Color Jews in All Hues building a future for the Jewish people where intersectional diversity and dignity are normative     215-469-1967 info@jewsinallhues.org https://jewsinallhues.org
serve Jews of Color Jews of Color Initiative Jewish Community, Racial Equity, and Justice focused on grantmaking, research and field building, and community education. Ilana Kaufman Exec. Dir      
serve LGBQT+ individuals Keshet works for the full equality of all LGBTQ Jews and our families in Jewish life Idit Klein President & CEO 617-524-9227   (ext 110)   www.keshet.org
connect with other organizations Makom formerly Jewish Foundation for Group Homes; the place where adults learn life skills, receive practical job training and build community so they can live the life they choose S. Gregg   240-283-6000 sgregg@jfgh.org https://jfgh.org
promote full inclusion for young people Matan B'nai Mitzvah Inclusion Guide Dori Kirshner Exec. Dir 866-410-5600 Info@matankids.org www.matankids.org
inclusion trip to Israel Nativ Yozma Program immersive inclusion trip to Israel for Conservative teens USJC       https://uscj.org/youth/nativ
serve young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders Ramah Daron Tikvah Program. Camp Ramah Palmer Tikvah Program supports campers and young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, communication disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders and other disabilities.          
connect with other organizations Religious Day schools -Solomon Schechter Inclusive day schools associated with Conservative movement          
promote full participation for people with disabilities RespectAbility fighting stigma and advancing opportunities for people with disabilities to fully participate Matan Koch   202-517-6272 info@respectability.org  
serve LGBQT+ individuals T’Shuvah Center – The Gezunt T’Shuvah Group – LGBTQI+ Group Mondays @ 5:30PM ET Rabbi Iggy CEO   igurin@tshuvahcenter.org      vhoexter@tshuvahcenter.org      bvaron@tshuvahcenter.org https://tshuvahcenter.org/about
promote full inclusion Temple Adath Yeshurun A USCJ Inclusive Congregation, funded by the Ruderman Fund to be a model of inclusion and provide consultation and guidance for other synagogues seeking to improve their inclusion efforts.         USJC / Ruderman Fund - https://www.adath.org/uscj-ruderman-inclusion-action-community/ 
promote full inclusion The Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project (RSIP) is a partnership between CJP and the Ruderman Family Foundation that supports synagogues in creating communities where people of all abilities are valued equally and participate fully. We offer access to local and national inclusion experts, consultations to develop Carissa   617-457-8859 CarissaW@cjp.org https://www.cjp.org/our-work/caring-social-justice/ruderman-synagogue-inclusion-project 
serve loved ones with emotional problems The Sashbear Foundation a skills based program for loved ones with emotional problems Canada Support Center       https://sashbear.org
serve hearing impaired Town and Country Synagogue example of synagogue with ASL Interpretive Service          
serve LGBQT+ individuals Trevor Project 24/7 crisis support services for LGBTQ young people     212-695-8650   https://thetrevorproject.org
find supportive materials Woman’s League for Conservative Judaism See website for inclusive materials         https://www.wlcj.org/resolution/lgbtq-2020/
find supportive materials Your Local Jewish Federation Contact for local programming that fit special needs          
find supportive materials Your local library materials that support inclusion -- fiction and non-fiction