Shomrei Ha'aretz Composting Initiative

PLEASE NOTE:  THE FJMC piloted a Shomrei Ha-aretz program in 2013. The information is still valuable, and so we have retained it here.  The program can focus on your congregation, your members’ homes, or community homes or institutions.

  • We are looking for clubs to institute composting! Involve your teens! Young families! To help our environment!
  • Consider submitting a Torch award for this effort and thereby share your successful event with others.

See Composting Program #1


Prevent hundreds of pounds of yard waste, trimmings, and food leftovers from wasting away in a landfill; instead, turn that into the richest, sweetest, healthiest soil you can imagine. It’s much easier than you think; kids will really get into it; and if you’re ambitious, members can “contribute” to the heap as well!

Even if individuals or synagogues do not have their own gardens, donate to community and neighbors gardens.  Many may start their own planters or gardens as a result.


  1. Check state, county, town regulations.
  2. Principles:
  • Compost the following: Vegetable food scraps, Grass clippings, leaves, flowers, weeds without seeds, sawdust, Chopped twigs and branches, Coffee grounds and filters, teabags, compostable tableware.
  • Do not compost the following: Meat, fish, seafood scraps, Diseased or insect infested plants, dog and cat feces, Food with grease or soap residue.


The U.S. Composting Council is a trade and professional organization promoting compost.
Earth 911 is an organization dedicated to providing information on backyard composting

Here are a few more resources that may be helpful: