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Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs
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Now You Know
By Alan Budman, FJMC International President


October 1, 2023

When I visit clubs and talk to members, I’m often asked, How can FJMC stay relevant now and in the future?  That’s an easy question - we stay relevant and important in our members’ lives by delivering the programming and activities that they want and need.  Here are a few examples:

We’ve heard the speeches - we know how bad antisemitism is and we’re taking action.  We’re fighting back when Kanye West or Roger Waters spew their filth with letter writing campaigns to the sponsor of these hate mongers.  We're going to hit them where it hurts - in their wallets.

FJMC SUPPORTS AND RESPECTS WOMEN’S RIGHTS, here in North America and at the Kotel. We believe that women should be free to practice their religion without fear of verbal or physical attack from zealots.

FJMC works to STRENGTHEN THE JEWISH FAMILY by providing activities that the entire family can share in and learn from. Through our newest initiative, we will support not only the Jewish man, but his family, as well.

And, we’re not shy about having a little fun ourselves.  We offer programs such as BEER AND BIBLE and STEAK AND SCOTCH IN THE SUKKAH to learn, enjoy and share in the ruach and bonding.

The TRAINING we offer to our clubs and its leaders is second to none!  We invite selected future leaders to a training session every year where they learn not only how to run their own club, but how to develop as a man, a leader and person.  I learned skills that I use daily with my friends, my job, my children and spouse.

Have you been on one of our WEBINARS OR AFFINITY GROUPS?  When the Covid shutdown began, we rolled out our first webinar 5 days later.  Since then, we have presented hundreds of webinars and sponsor 11 Affinity Groups, including Sports, Finance, Yiddish and so much more.

A few months ago, we had a very successful CONVENTION in Philadelphia, where hundreds of members and spouses learned, shared and enjoyed.  It is an incredible feeling to sing, daven and to be together with over 400 people from all over North America sharing ruach that truly impacts one's being. Those of us in attendance cannot wait until the next one which will be in Chicago in 2025.

As time passes, the memory of the Shoah is fading from people's attention around the world.  FJMC works to keep the lessons of the Holocaust alive through our YELLOW CANDLE PROGRAM.  On Yom HaShoah and at other commemorative dates throughout the year, people light Yellow Candles as a way to honor and memorialize the victims of antisemitism taken to the extreme.  To drive the point home, we provide teaching material that is used in synagogues, schools and families.  We recently launched a Yellow Candle app to be used by college students or those in senior centers who are not permitted to light a flame where they reside.

Please join us as we develop more programs and activities to appeal to a broad spectrum of men now and in the future.  Please write to me at  We’d love to hear your thoughts and for you to be involved!

In Brotherhood,

Alan Budman
International President, 2023 - 2025



FJMC provides opportunities to learn and exercise life/leadership skills which you may not have the opportunity to either learn or use in your work. (Such skills relate to working constructively with a group to accomplish something more than one person alone could not accomplish.)

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