Biodegradable Products – FJMC Special Purchase Agreement

Sustainably sourced compostable dinnerware is an appropriate option for FJMC Club Functions. FJMC has a special purchase agreement with World Centric.   World Centric is committed to 100% certified compostable products made from renewable, plant-based materials. From cups, plates, bowls and cutlery to trays, to-go containers, napkins and garbage bags, their 200+ product line meets your foodservice needs both at home and in professional settings.  Their products are non-toxic and require less energy to make than petroleum-based products.  Best of all, these products will turn to soil when composted, allowing the process of growth to begin again.  When you register and apply the coupon code, you will receive a 15% discount.  Please review our Shomrei Ha’aretz webpage to find out on how to set up an account.