Young Men/Young Families Initiative

For more than a century, the FJMC has focused on serving and
supporting Jewish men, by engaging them in Jewish life, bringing them
together, cultivating strong relationships across generations and borders,
and enriching the lives of our men, our synagogues and our communities.
Today, that mission still remains as strong as ever. But to truly be
successful, we want to make sure we are reaching members of all ages,
including the younger generations that are less likely to be affiliated with
organizations – including synagogues. We remain committed to our
longtime members and those who seek us out, but we also need to reach
out to a new audience to remain vibrant for all.

So FJMC is embarking on a new international initiative designed to
change our landscape and draw in more of the younger members of our
diverse Jewish communities. To do so requires no shift in our mission. But
it does require changes in how we think, how we operate, how we market,
and how we program. In short, it’s a new mindset for all of us.
Younger men – those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s – have different priorities
than those in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. They are starting or rising in
their jobs. They are getting married, having kids, and raising families. They
are building lives for themselves, and more involved with their families.
There are many demands – personal and professional – that are competing
for their time and attention.

We need to meet them where they are, and engage them by
acknowledging the importance of their families. We need to reconsider the
types of events we plan, and when we hold them, so that they appeal to a
broader mix of all ages and experiences. We need to diversify our offerings
and programming. We need to find new ways to promote them to a different
crowd. Our longtime events are still valuable, but we also need to think
outside the box in which Men’s Clubs have traditionally operated. Finally,
we need to empower them to take ownership by developing and running
their own programs if they choose.
We have formed a special task force to focus on this effort, and to
promote this renewed vision throughour our regions and our clubs. We do
not claim to have the secret sauce, nor do we think one exists. Rather, we
are exploring ideas and encouraging experimentation, because there is no
one solution for everyone. Most of all, we want to learn from you, as you
discover what works.

To join our committee, please contact Committee Chair Elliot Feldman at
, or Vice Chair Jonathan Epstein at .