About the FJMC

FJMC (Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs) is the international umbrella organization for a confederation of approximately 200 men’s auxiliaries serving more than 20,000 men around the globe. Our chapters are concentrated in North America throughout the United States and Canada. The influence of FJMC’s programs and contributions is felt worldwide. FJMC’s mission is to involve Jewish men in Jewish life. Our programs have a profound impact on our congregations, our youth, and world Jewry. The list of FJMC programs and activities is lengthy.

The FJMC develops all its programs through a cadre of dedicated volunteers. We are a grass roots organization with much of our work being done at the local level. Individual Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods offer a variety of activities, including father-child activities; programs to enhance Jewish observance; speaker breakfasts; Men’s Club Shabbat; ushering at services; sports activities; and fund raisers. Our clubs are major forces in the activities of our synagogues.

Men’s Clubs are grouped geographically into 16 regions, with each region having its own programs and initiatives. When all of the component parts are joined together, FJMC is an outstanding and meaningful organization of which to be a part. Every congregation and Jewish community should have a Men’s Club presence to involve Jewish me.

At its Biennial Convention of 2021, the FJMC opened its doors to Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods of any Jewish men’s club or brotherhood, whether affiliated with the Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative, Orthodox movements, or unaffiliated with any particular Jewish movement.

FJMC, a volunteer-led organization with minimal staff and maximum effectiveness, continues in the 21st Century to be an innovative, thinking and planning organization which understands the importance of supporting its Clubs and Individual Members.

FJMC successfully involves Jewish men in Jewish life.