There are many ways men and women absorb information beyond reading it.  While many will read books, audiobooks now are a way that many people are able to ‘multi-task’ while doing something else (driving, walking, riding a bike) and still enjoy the content.  This is particularly true for younger men, who want the opportunity of absorbing Jewish content while engaged in another task.

In the menu, you will find two series of podcasts:

  • One set of podcasts is on Health and Wealth, and deals with subjects of importance to men whatever their age, whether in their early 30’s or are looking forward to retirement, or enjoying retirement.  The two things which are most important to enjoying your life are both Health and Wealth (or sufficient to do the things which you’d like to do.
  • The Unraveller set of podcasts relates to the Haftarot of the yearly cycle and provides a different perspective on these Haftarot.
  • For the Health and Wealth podcasts, you’ll hear the ‘dulcet tones’ of Dr. Paul Davidson reading the article about a Health issue, and Rob Blitzer, a CPA who reads the article about Wealth.  The intro and transitions is done by Steve Lessman, and the man who is putting all the different parts together is Dr. David Edwards,
  • For the Unraveller podcasts, you’ll hear the ‘dulcet tones’ of Michael Freilich.  The intro and transitions, and putting it all together is Dr. David Edwards.
  • Bruce Fagan is the designer of the cover art of both sets of podcasts.

[Note: The FJMC is always looking for more people to share their skills and talents to a wider audience.  If you’d like to get involved in creating other podcasts, and either have audio software experience or would be willing to learn how to use such software and use your creative talents, send an email to David Glass, and tell us your interest and any experience you might have. It can be the start of a fascinating new adventure.]