Yad Shel Chai

Torah Reader Recognition Award

  • Create a synagogue culture where young people (and your Men’s Club members) regularly read Torah at Shabbat services and minyan
  • Reward synagogue youth (and adults) for continuing to read Torah
    • Enhance Torah Reading Skills
    • Encourage ongoing Torah Study
    • More frequent visibility for the Men’s Club/Brotherhood
    • Long term benefits for the participant and the congregation
    • Simple to manage program – Easy record keeping
    • Long term benefits for minimal cost
  • The beautiful silver plated “fjmc” baubles to create the connection to your Club
  • The Yad Shell Chai project is very easy to implement.
  • Work with your Rabbi and School administrator to encourage your teenagers to read Torah.
  • Track the portions read on the form which can be downloaded by clicking here (or in your own database)
  • When a student approaches 18 readings, order a Yad (download the Order Form).
  • The cost is $136 per Yad; plus $25 shipping and handling (may be more than one (1) Yad to a single address).  Shipping to Canada is $50 per order, shipping elsewhere in the world is $100 per order.
  • Any questions email: