Build A Pair’s New Heights

Some call it creative, some may call it colorful, but whatever you want to call it, the FJMC’s Build-a-Pair program reached new heights in 2012, as 1220 youngsters assembled Build-a-Pair model tefillin, and learned about the mitzvah using FJMC Build-a-Pair Curriculum and kits. The Build-a-Pair concept, a FJMC Torch Award winning program, is a fun and educational program for 5th through 7th graders, and is an adjunct to the World Wide Wrap held on Super Sunday, February 5th. Students learn about Tefillin, construct ‘model’ Tefillin in which they place Hebrew script which they write, insert ‘straps’, and create ‘wRAP’ songs to sing during the World Wide Wrap.

And speaking about the World Wide Wrap, 194 clubs from around the world, including Australia, El Salvador, France, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Portugal, and Spain, (which is why it is called the WORLD WIDE WRAP), as well as throughout the United States and Canada, in Conservative / Masorti congregations, learned about and celebrated the mitzvah of tefillin. With the spreading of the Wrap to more and more countries, will the FJMC have to rename it once we have a colony on the moon?