Facebook + FJMC

Something you may not know is that if you make a post to Facebook, it isn’t necessarily seen by many people. We all have too many friends, and if we saw everything each friend or organization posted, we would be completely overwhelmed. So Facebook uses an algorithm to present posts that it determines are most relevant to you. One key criterion in the algorithm is the engagement of posts. If the posts are being liked and shared by many people, they are more likely to be presented to you.

A way to make it more likely that you will see posts from particular pages is by upping the notification parameters for that site. So right now, go to facebook.com/FJMC.ORG  and sign up for more notifications from FJMC by clicking on the three-dot (…) button on the top right. Select the Follow Settings and the Notifications.  See this instructional video on sharing posts.

Facebook offers both Pages and Groups.  Pages are the public face of an organization while Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests.  For example, the TV show Shtisel has a public page maintained by the TV studio and there are various Groups that allow people to discuss the show.  Some clubs have chosen to have a Pages and other Groups.  When you post to a Page, unless you have administrator rights, your post goes to the community area rather than the newsfeed.  For more information on Pages and Groups see this Facebook Tips site.

FJMC’s Facebook presence has evolved over the years. At one point we had as many as three FB pages, but we are in the final stages of merging all three into a single page. facebook.com/FJMC.ORG is the official page. The FJMC HQ page will be merged with the FJMC.ORG page.

Social media survey that we conducted in our last HaShofar indicated that about two thirds of us check our Facebook pages regularly. So let’s make the most out of this tool.  Start sharing!

FJMC also has Twitter presence (@FJMC_HQ), so you can hear the latest news of the orgnization?   Become a follower on each, and spread the news, telling your club’s members to join in on the conversation.