HaMakom Yenachem – Steve Krodman

Gentlemen, I have the sad duty to tell you that our friend and esteemed member, Steven Krodman, succumbed to ALS Friday night, January 11th.

The funeral will be at Congregation Etz Chaim, Steve’s shul, in Marietta, GA. at 11:00 am on Monday, January 14.   Steve leaves his wife of over 40 years, Donna, his daughters Melissa and Jocelyn and granddaughter, Nanu (Naomi).

His life touched hundreds an active member of Etz Chaim, and as a the past president of the Anshei Darom Region, and he touched thousands through the myriad of FJMC activities he either led or was part of over the years.

Steve was an integral part of the FJMC 2019 Convention committee as one of the 2 chairman. He was involved with planning and decisions up until the last month or so, and we will discuss how we will honour his memory in the next few days.

Donations in his memory may be made to either the FJMC on the donations page or through a fund being set up by Donna at Etz Chaim to be known as the Steve Krodman Men’s Club Scholarship Fund, specifically to allow men to attend retreats and conventions who may not have the funds to do so. https://www.etzchaim.net/payment.php

Funds are needed to help offset some of the costs of the shiva, as Steve and Donna moved into a community with very little street parking, requiring expensive valet parking to keep the parking manageable. Those donations can be made through the FJMC website, just indicate your choice in the comments area.

We will have a broader e-mail sent to our members as soon as possible.

Baruch Dyan Emet.

Stan Greenspan
International President