Implementation Guide – Jewish Men at Crossroads

The FJMC has published an Implementation Guide for its recent publication – “Jewish Men at the Crossroads.”  Jewish Men at the Crossroads represents the most comprehensive collection of Hearing Men’s Voices (HMV) essays to date. The book offers thought‐provoking essays and discussion questions on topics of critical importance to men, and which can be used to effectively engage men through HMV programming.

HMV is that rare program which costs nothing to run, but pays dividends for many years to come. Running an HMV program using this implementation guide and the Crossroads material will help engage men of all ages more actively in your club. In addition focused programming around this book can be an important tool to attract new members. Sessions can be facilitated by anyone with an interest in the topic and a willingness to stimulate conversation. HMV discussions can be targeted to any demographic group in the club or region and is a perfect small group activity.

The Implementation Guide is available in Leadership Documents (you must log in to see the Menu item) or at the Hearing Men’s Voices page.