Wealth Management

A Wealth Management Conference will be offered the morning of Convention, Wednesday, July 24th, prior to the Convention activities beginning.  The Conference format of panel presentations and multiple breakout sessions will have two tracts:  a novice tract for those just beginning the process or retirement planning, with such subjects as preparing to operate independently; what to do with inheritance; Long Term Care insurance: assessing Financial professionals; Budgeting; Estate Planning; and Tax Planning, charitable donations and mission investing.  An intermediate tract will be available for those who have dealt with many of the initial efforts, and will cover:  budgeting for retirement and setting investment goals; advanced investment area to tempt you, including EFT’s, MLP’s, REIT’s, Oil Well, Drips, and selling Call options; diversification options for lowered risk and greater rewards; Israeli bonds as a part of a smart portfolio; and what you can learn from Newsletters.

For further information, check the Wealth Management Seminar page at the Convention web site, which can be reached by clicking here.