Executive Committee Nominations for 2023-2025

We are pleased to announce that at the June 29 – July 2, 2023 Convention, we will have an Executive Committee meeting and an FJMC Board meeting where we will vote on the new slate of officers:

Alan Budman (MAR)

First Vice President
Bruce Tomar (MAR)

Vice Presidents
Marc Cohen (MAR)
Creighton Cohn (Midwest)
Gary Katz (Western)
Alex Kiderman (Tri-State)
Javier Rosenzwaig (Hudson Valley)
Benny Sommerfeld (Western)

Gregg Pollack (Midwest)

Bob Watts (Seaboard)

Honorary President
Allan Kahan (Seaboard)

Appointed Members
David Singer (NER)
Danny Mandeau (NER)
David Glass (Northern New Jersey)
Mitch Ross (Western)