Nominations 2013-15

The Nominating Committee has nominated ....

for the 2013-2015 leadership

  • President - Myles A. Simpson (Western)
  • First Vice President - Allan Gottesman (Florida)
  • Vice-Presidents - Mark Druy  (New England), Stan Greenspan (Lake Ontario), Allan Kahan (Seaboard), Ed Margolis (Florida), Steve Neustein (Tri-State) and Gary Smith (KIO)
  • Treasurer - Joel Shrater (Western)
  • Secretary - Alan Budman (Mid Atlantic)
  • Honorary President - Mike Mills (KIO)

In addition,  incoming President Myles A. Simpson has selected four additional men to serve on the Executive Committee:  Bill Becker (Seaboard), Dave Mandell (N New Jersey), Warren Sufrin (Tri-State), and Bruce Tomar (Mid Atlantic).

We wish all the nominees and appointees a hearty Mazel Tov, Yasher Koach for the work that got them to this point, and for the efforts on behalf of the FJMC they'll be making in the coming years!