Who Are Israel’s Lone Soldiers?


Tuesday, May 28, 2024    
9:00 pm EDT - 10:00 pm EDT

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Who Are Israel’s Lone Soldiers?

Join us for a powerful session with Friends of the IDF (FIDF). Our featured guests; Lone Soldier parent, David Lubin, from Atlanta. He is the father of Rose Lubin z’l who was killed in action on Nov. 6th and Lone Soldier, Eli Wininger. Eli spent 3 years serving as a commander for the Elite Egoz Unit. On October 7th, when tragedy struck Israel, he returned to Israel to join his fellow soldiers in the fight for their lives and for the future of Israel.

Friends of the IDFFacilitating the conversation will be Jennifer Scher, Vice President of the MidAtlantic Region for FIDF (www.fidf.org). The conversation will be heavy, it will be powerful. You will have questions and we will make the space for the questions, even if they are simply statements of love and support. We are honored to bring you this conversation and to learn about the incredible support provided to Lone Soldiers and their families.