Israel Advocacy

The FJMC is  dedicated to strengthening support for Israel by ensuring that the public receives accurate and truthful information.  [In the above picture, Left to right-> Rabbi Robert Golub, Executive Director, MERCAZ-USA, Michael Perloff, FJMC Past Israel Advocacy Chairman, Ambassador Michael Oren, Israel, Stan Greenspan, Past FJMC International President, Allan Gottesman, Past FJMC International President.  Taken at a meeting at the Embassy of Israel, February 20, 2012. Ambassador Oren has been given an FJMC Yellow Candle which he knew about and promised to light on Yom HaShoah.]

We are primarily composed  of volunteer activists. This website warehouses the information, programs, and organizational manuals that enhance our volunteer’s impact. Our talented volunteers are of various political beliefs. We have in common the desire for a strong and safe homeland for the Jewish people in the State of Israel, as well as supporting the efforts of Mercaz – the political arm of the Conservative / Masorti movement as it works to extend religious equality of all facets of the Jewish community in Israel.

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Advocacy is a dynamic process.    Come back often to find additional material to assist your learning and leadership.