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Inclusion Initiative:  Making Everyone Feel Welcomed at (insert your club, affiliate or synagogue name)

The (insert your club, affiliate or synagogue name) is announcing a new initiative to make everyone feel welcomed to the synagogue and programming of its auxiliaries.  Using a newly distributed Inclusion Resource Guidebook developed through the efforts of the International Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs and Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, we plan to develop new ways of doing our work in order to ensure we make everyone feel welcomed.

We know that there are individual Jews who feel less than fully included in synagogue and synagogue life.  Typically, these individuals have some discomfort that simply requires some sensitivity on the part of our leadership and some outreach with them and others that share their discomfort in mind.  The groups identified as underserved in the FJMC/WLCJ Inclusion Resource Guidebook are:  Jews of Color, individuals with neurological or physical limitations, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and those within non-traditional family structures.

In rolling out this initiative, the President of (insert club, affiliate, or synagogue name) announced, “We want everyone to feel at home at our synagogue, attending our programs, and participating in every aspect of synagogue life.”  (He/She) added, “While we think we’re inviting to all, we recognize there are things we can do to reach out to everyone, and we WANT to reach out to everyone.  It’s easy to meet and greet people you know.  It takes a reminder to meet and greet people you don’t.  We want to be known as a place where you can come in and end up wanting to do and be more.”

Specifically, (insert club, affiliate, or synagogue name) already accommodates individuals by [insert the ways you accommodate handicapped individuals, those with hearing or sight challenges, etc.]

For further information about this initiative please contact (insert contact person’s name, phone and email)