FJMC Wellness Program: The Torch Award

The Torch Award was created and awarded for clubs with wellness programs. Criteria for excellence included:

  1. Clear definition of goals and documentation of completeness and achievement of these goals (it would be important here to have a measurable goal and evidence that the results were in fact measured, this “metric” should be usable by other clubs in their programs (see #5)
  2. Extent to which Wellness program involved a wide range of members. What is its value in club building?
  3. Did the program enhance the club’s reputation in the community in promoting and enhancing wellness of its members? Does the program enhance the image of the FJMC, region and/or your club?
  4. Is the program usable by other clubs? Are materials transferable?
  5. Extent to which program involved other aspects of synagogue life-school, women’s groups, professionals?
  6. Publicity materials