Yiddish Lite Affinity Group

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Welcome to the Yiddish Lite Affinity Group

Yiddish Lite is for beginners or non-speakers –  those who wish to learn a bissele (a little) Yiddish, common words and phrases), a few simple songs that maybe Bubby or Zeyde sang to you, and a vitz (joke) here and there.

Participants will come away from each session with a greater appreciation of the Yiddish language and an ever-increasing Yiddish vocabulary, and building a glossary of terms as we go along.

Questions??? More info? Have a suggestions for a presentation? Contact me by clicking HERE.

I’m looking forward to seeing you online.

In Brotherhood,

Al Davis
FJMC Yiddish Lite Affinity Group Chair

FJMC Webinars are offered free of charge to our members and guests. To help defray the administrative costs of this program, please consider making a donation to FJMC in honor of “Webinar Kudos.

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